When I started freelancing nearly two years ago, a website was not at the top of my agenda. My initial priority was simply to find work and, once found, to do a first class job in order to attract repeat business.

This simple strategy seems to have paid off. I now work with a great agency and have some interesting clients of my own.  While I have no plans to expand (as a mother of three, the flexibility provided by a freelancing career suits me perfectly,) two years down the line I realise that a more strategic approach is required. This has included organising a website and logo to enhance my credibility. (On a couple of occasions, I have been slightly mortified not to have a business card to hand out.  Setting up a website + logo and organising business cards seemed to go hand in hand.)

While I am not convinced that my website will attract new clients, as marketing guru Heidi Taylor points out in her excellent blog below, a website is your "shop window." As a b2b PR, I pride myself on my professionalism and without a website, I risked looking inexperienced, even amateurish. While I could have created a website myself, I would never have achieved such a modern, contemporary design without the help of a website designer.  Hopefully, my new website also reflects my approach to work and I  look forward to the next opportunity I have to hand out a business card (as opposed to having to make an awkward excuse for not having one...)