While reputation managers (aka PRs) are quick to caution clients of the potential pitfalls of using Twitter and other forms of social media, the recent furore surrounding Patricia Lynch QC is a reminder that professionals  would all be well advised to hold their tongues' during confrontations on and offline.

As The Times reported earlier this week, Judge Lynch found herself in "hot water" after using a four-letter rebuke in court when responding to a defendant who had sworn at her. Although the remark led to 10 complaints, Judge Lynch was cleared of misconduct.

In this case, common sense seems to have prevailed as most right-minded people will probably have sympathy for Judge Lynch. 

Nevertheless, the incident demonstrates that our actions  can follow us everywhere and while swearing may be deemed ok in certain situations such as a building site and, arguably, a City trading floor, in other sectors such as education and the law, it just isn't really ever acceptable.