While some law firms actively embrace the trade press, others deliberately choose to ignore it. Yet new research by Signal Media suggests that there is a direct correlation between law firm revenue and mentions in the legal press.

As David Benigson points out in the Solicitors Journal  while a piece in a legal trade may not be as effective in terms of reaching out to prospective clients as a piece in a national newspaper or a key b2b magazine, legal press coverage is still useful for a variety of other subtler reasons. These include overall reputation enhancement, positioning a team as a market leader and attracting and retaining top talent. After all, everyone wants to work for a firm that they feel is going somewhere and regular media coverage is one why to achieve this.

Of course, caution should be taken when dealing with a legal journalist - they are interested in law firm news so a flippant remark about long working hours or bills could lead to undesirable headlines. Nevertheless, sound preparation should ensure that dealings are straightforward and mutually beneficial. Futhermore, in a situation where bad news does leak out, a legal journalist is more likely to take a generous approach with a firm where a good relationship has been fostered.

So, in short, firms that do choose to ignore the legal press are probably missing out on a valuable marketing and recruitment tool.