As a PR specialising in the legal sector, a large element of my role involves finding opportunities for clients, be they lawyers or barristers, to write articles for favoured publications.  For many the top slot will be a piece in the law pages of The Times or an influential trade magazine such as the Estates Gazette or Personnel Today. 

Competition for the top titles is always fierce - sometimes a slot will be found in a lesser publication with a relatively low circulation rate. On these occasions the client may well ask, "why bother?" 

Given that fee earning should always take priority, this is a valid question and sometimes opportunities should be turned down. But assuming that the time taken to write a piece is not going to be too prohibitive, it is often advisable to  go ahead simply because a published article will always have more credibility and attract more interest than a standalone blog regardless of the obscurity of the publication. 

Furthermore, by posting a piece on social media, the corporate website and even circulating to appropriate clients, the author can ensure that the article has a wider reach. If a story is particularly strong, the piece could even have a life of its own and trigger interest from a higher profile title....