Victoria Moffat of LexRex Communications raises the issue of whether national press coverage should be a "must have" for lawyers in her succinct article below. 

For many law firms achieving exposure in The Times or, say, on the BBC or Sky News will be at the top of a PR wish list. Firms will look at the example set by high profile lawyers such as Mark Stephens at Howard Kennedy or family specialist Aleysha Verdags, both of whom are frequently quoted in national newspapers, and wish to follow suit.

As Victoria points out, while a good PR agency will always be on the look out for national media opportunities (broadcast and in print) this shouldn't necessarily be a top priority especially given the amount of time and resource that may be required to achieve this sort of exposure not to mention the unpredictable nature of national media.

Of course, target audience should always be a key consideration when making strategic PR decisions. While national coverage is undoubtedly a powerful PR tool particularly when it comes to building brand awareness, will it actually reach existing clients and potential clients? Leading trade journals, such as the Estates Gazette and Property Week, may have lower circulation figures but they are often hugely influential within the sectors they operate. In the same way, regional law firms shouldn't under estimate the influence of local newspapers and local broadcast channels.

So given that most law firms will have very limited budgets to spend on PR, it is always worth bearing in mind that an article in a top business title may  turn out to be as valuable as  a piece in a national newspaper while also leaving time to devote to other PR and marketing activities.