This article in the Law Society Gazette contains lots of sound advice on how to make the most of PR and is well worth a read.

To hone in on one point, the feature points out that in order to be effective, a sensible PR strategy will focus on perhaps a handful of carefully selected spokespeople or practice areas as trying to cover everything could ultimately prove to be fairly futile.

In some cases it may be obvious which practice areas or teams to promote. For example, a firm may be keen to promote a growing team following a key partner appointment.

In other instances, it may be better to focus on a practice area where there is a natural media appetite for stories. Employment law provides a good example as legislative changes and evolving case law ensure that there are plenty of opportunities to provide media comment. Furthermore, employment law stories can be fed to business titles which correspond to the firm's client or target client sectors (e.g. charity, education, finance) thereby ensuring that coverage reaches the right audience.