PR Week ran an interesting feature last week looking at the rise of the virtual PR agency. 

While many traditional agencies embrace flexible forms of working, the article reports on a piece of market research which suggests that the virtual PR model will soon become a credible alternative to the traditional PR agency model.

With the rise of workplace hubs such as WeWork in London, Manchester and other large centres, I would go one step further and suggest that the virtual PR agency will soon outnumber the traditional office model as savvy PR businesses choose to consume office space as a service as opposed to a commodity.

What's more, by massively reducing office overheads, the virtual model will be in a better position to offer a truly bespoke client service as well as being able to adapt quicker to changing market conditions.

The only real hurdle faced by the virtual model is a perception amongst clients operating in the more traditional sectors that a conventional office environment produces better results. What they may not realise is that some of the best known names in PR already engage an army of freelancers.....