As marketing guru Liz Whitaker points out in a recent interview, social media has completely changed the way PR works.

The enormous changes brought on by the advent of social media were acutely apparent when I returned to work in 2015 after a career break spanning over a decade. After all, Linkedin was only in its infancy when I left the workplace in 2004 and Twitter didn't even exist.

As Liz remarks, while social media has made it far easier for professional firms to push out content this hasn't usurped the importance of placing stories in the press. If anything, the third party credibility provided by the media (be it in print, online or broadcast) has made published content even more valuable.

What’s more, platforms such as Linkedin provide a brilliant way to circulate published content thereby ensuring that top pieces of coverage are seen by a wider audience. So while the press no longer provides the only way to communicate content and provide expert opinion, a successful PR strategy will use many channels and ensure that social media and traditional media work hand in hand.