If content is king, then what better way can there be to draw in an audience than by getting them to, well, listen to you.

In many ways the podcast is the cool cousin of the written word. Unlike reading, podcasts have the advantage of being accessible while on the go - be it running, driving, squashed on the tube or even doing the ironing. No matter how engaging a work-related article is, reading just isn’t as fun as tuning into a podcast on a business trip or on the way home from the school run. In short, people like podcasts.

Some leading trade titles, such as the EG, already run highly successful podcast series providing lawyers and other professional services providers with the perfect opportunity to speak to a large audience about an industry-related topic. Other b2b titles are bound to follow suit.

Alternatively, law firms can look to produce their own podcasts. Quick to set up and budget friendly, podcasts are easily shared on social media channels, websites and via direct emails.

As a marketing medium, podcasts have the advantage of sometimes appealing to even the most reluctant client; partners and associates who may have proved rather elusive when it comes to volunteering to write an article, may happily make themselves available for a podcast which can take as little as 10 minutes to record and not much longer to prepare for.

As with any PR, the golden rule of podcasting is to make sure the content is timely, interesting and relevant. An audience will switch off to anything that sounds like a hard sell. In contrast, anything that teaches the audience something they want to learn about and is ideally hooked to a topical news issue will draw in listeners. There are many ways to produce good content but with a with a podcast you can be sure your audience is tuned in.