I was excited to read this weekend that The Wing, the all-women workplace hub founded in 2016 in New York is to open its first European outpost in London this month. Meanwhile AllBright, an alternative female only members club opened its second club in the capital in May.

All boys' clubs have been around for so long that it is somewhat surprising that all female clubs are such a new phenomenon.  There is also an irony that while female exclusive clubs are on the rise, men-only establishments have fallen out of favour being  viewed as outdated, even unacceptable having taken a perhaps unfair bashing from the press since the #metoo movement.  

Regardless, the power of an extensive network can never by understated, something that our male counterparts are all too aware.  Traditionally men may be more experienced at networking but clubs like AllBright and now The Wing provide the perfect opportunity for women from diverse fields and backgrounds to play catch up in a fun, trendy and  friendly environment. 

As you’d expect, these clubs offer the type of facilities you’d see in any top notch London club including a range of dining experiences, exercise classes, spas as well as panel events covering topics ranging from Wellness through to personal finance. For example AllBright recently invited two leading family lawyers to speak to members about consciously uncoupling.

While the business benefits are obvious, by providing a sense of identity and community, these clubs play an important role in helping to combat the isolation issues felt by a new generation brought up with smartphones. 

As the workplace continues to evolve offering increased opportunities for freelancers and start-ups, it is likely that more women will flock to join exclusively female clubs which offer so much more then just a shared office.