Writing for HR News, Nigel Sarbutts of the PR Cavalry  makes some interesting observations about societal changes that have contributed to the freelance revolution. Noting that many things are moving from ownership to access – from the music we listen to through to the space we work at - milliennials are also generation rent.

Without the heavy burden of a mortgage, long term job security is no longer a requirement when making career choices leading to an increasingly fluid workforce. Recognising this fundamental shift, clever businesses are turning to freelance consultants for specialist functions and for specific projects.

By using a mix of freelancers, businesses can build up a network of reliable support mindful that people working on a contract basis have a real incentive to get the job done well so that they are hired again and recommended. And unlike permanent employees who operate in hierarchies, freelancers are free of the daily grind and politics that can waste so much time in a traditional office set up.